Grace V. Sotomayor Mantri

About the Author
Grace V. Sotomayor Mantri is an educator with over 10 years of experience teaching the Spanish language to all levels and ages, specializing in elementary and middle school-aged students. Born in Puerto Rico and raised stateside, Grace’s experiences of in-betweenness and multifaceted diversity within her own family have shaped not only her identity, but also her pedagogy, as she gives her students a window to a world often different from their own. She is a TEDx Creative Coast 2019 speaker, a curriculum designer, and the Cultural Competence and Empathy director of her school community. Apart from being a heritage speaker, Grace went on to study and acquire French at university as well as Polish while living abroad in Łódź (pronounced “Wooj”), Poland. Grace’s next challenge is to learn Bengali, the native language of her favorite human, also known as her husband, DJ, of Indian nationality. She values family, community, her faith, and humanity. Grace is passionate about equipping each teacher she meets with the confidence to teach using Acquisition Driven Instruction.