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Arroz con cosas - Level 1 - Spanish

Arroz con cosas - Level 1 - Spanish

Margarita Pérez García

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By: Margarita Pérez García

Success is not about age, it's about action!
Remei is a 75-year-old cook who is an expert in making the one and only paella: la paella valenciana. Paella is a culinary icon for Valencians and all of Spain. Remei is proud and champions her tradition at the top of her lungs. Because, if you are going to cook paella, you need to do it right! Indeed, Remei has good intentions, but she always ends up sticking her nose where it's not wanted and giving advice left and right.

Now retired, with a phone and plenty of time on her hands, Remei discovers that many influencers on Instagram are destroying the culinary tradition of paella. They are cooking trendy 'paella': sushi 'paella'; 'paella' pizza; 'paella' sandwiches; 'paella' with ingredients that do not make sense like avocado, eggs, chorizo, fruit, ketchup; even ‘paella’ in a can! Remei is outraged. These influencers are making 'arroz con cosas' - Rice with things. ‘How awful! This can't be allowed!’

So with no internet experience, no followers, and no influence beyond her son, her restaurant, and her town, Remei decides to become an Instagram influencer. She wants to share the authentic paella with the world. At her age? How will she combat the flood of 'rice with things' that saturates social networks? Will she fulfill her mission?

Themes: sharing and preserving culinary culture, respect for our elders, one is never too old to use and set the latest trends on social media

Level 1, written in the present tense with only 89-word families + 61 cognates

©2022. Spanish. Level 1. High school. 6 x 9 inches. Softcover, 126 pages.

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ISBN: 978-0-4736-4192-4

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Margarita Pérez García

About the Author
Margarita Pérez García is a Venezuelan author of easy-to-read literature in Spanish for beginning language learners. Margarita holds two master’s degrees in Spanish language and Spanish and Latin American literature. With 30 years of experience as a Spanish and French teacher, Margarita writes high-interest stories about Venezuela’s natural beauty and diverse wildlife, natural disasters, and the human impact on the environment, combining conservation themes with myths and legends of Indigenous cultures. Margarita specializes in supporting struggling readers and learners with reading difficulties and has become a leading author of easy-to-read literature. You can find her on Instagram @mrsperezgarcia and on her website at