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El jardín de las monarcas - Level 1 - Spanish

El jardín de las monarcas - Level 1 - Spanish

Erica Peplinski-Burge

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By: Erica Peplinski-Burge

In a quiet neighborhood in Michigan, where neatly trimmed lawns and conformity prevail, 13-year-old Nova stands at the crossroads of rebellion and responsibility. When a cruel Homeowners Association (HOA) president, the stern Ms. Alba, targets Nova’s cherished milkweed garden as an eyesore, the stage is set for a feud like no other. Nova, a passionate advocate for the fragile monarch butterflies that rely on her milkweed haven, finds herself entangled in a war between her dreams and the rigid rules of the HOA. 

But the conflict isn’t confined to the manicured lawns–it seeps into the very heart of Nova’s family. 

As Nova navigates the storm, she discovers allies within her family–a knowledgeable grandmother who cares about traditions, and a father, mother, and brother who will do all they can to support her. Together, they form an alliance to defy Ms. Alba’s oppressive regime and save the milkweed that sustains the delicate monarch butterflies.
El jardín de las monarcas is a compelling tale of struggle, teenage rebellion, and the enduring power of nature. Nova’s struggle becomes a rallying cry for those who dare to defy the expectations of a rigid society. Will Nova’s tenacity and the enchanting flight of the monarch butterflies inspire a community to embrace the beauty that lies beyond conformity? In this poignant coming-of-age story, Nova learns that true strength lies not in uniformity, but in the ability to spread one’s wings and soar against the wind.
Level 1
Total Words: 1,175
Unique Word Count: 320
Tense(s): Mostly Present
Glossary: yes

©2024. Spanish. Level 1. High school. 8.5x11 inches. Softcover, 51 pages.

SKU: 8B3045SP
ISBN: 978-0-7560-6896-7

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Erica Peplinski-Burge

About the Author
A neuroscience-loving Spanish teacher with a passion for sharing knowledge and 18 years of teaching experience from Kindergarten to 8th grade, Erica was the MIWLA 2020 Teacher of the Year. Erica is a regular presenter at conferences across the industry, including CI Summit, ACTFL, Central States, and many state-sponsored conferences. Erica also helps organize and presents at MittenCi. Erica also plans Voces' PD events and specialized training for teachers. She loves helping teachers find brain-friendly ways to help students acquire languages joyfully!
Erica is a published author, having co-authored a chapter on how the brain acquires language and written for several different curriculums. Erica decided to write a Spanish book that she hopes will inspire all students to be change makers in the world. Her book highlights cultural and social themes that will help students see that they have power, even when the world seems overwhelming.

Customer Reviews

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Inspirational and Relatable

This book has so many awesome elements! First off, the story is written very comprehensibly, but packs in powerful messages - including ones about determination, passion, making change in the world, respect for others and all living beings, and conservation. The illustrations are unique and beautiful, capturing the scenes, setting, and characters so well! I could see both upper-elementary-aged learners enjoying this book immensely as well as older students (even adult learners!) - the plot and illustrations are relatable to a wide group of people. Plus, there are so many opportunities for extension - some of which are included in the wonderful online activities and end-pages. I highly recommend this reader!