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Gracias por preguntar - Level 2 - Spanish

Gracias por preguntar - Level 2 - Spanish

Rachel Emery

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By: Rachel Emery

Eliana is originally from Mexico, so for her, Spanish class is an easy A. But when the teacher gives her a special assignment, Eliana finds herself—and her identity—challenged in a different way.

This is a story about assumptions, and the diversity we may miss in the world when we make assumptions about the people around us.


Gracias por preguntar Spanish Level 2 Student Reader includes full-color illustrations and a glossary.

Level 2

Total Words: 990
Unique Words: 130
Tenses: presente del indicativo, presente del subjuntivo, presente progresivo, pretérito, imperfecto del indicativo, imperfecto del subjuntivo, infinitivo
Glossary: yes

Student Reader: Spanish. Level 2. 5 x 7 inches. Softcover, 33 pages.
SKU: 1B6863
ISBN: 978-0-7560-6556-0


Gracias por preguntar Spanish Level 2 Teacher Edition is a “storytelling” reader set up so that you, the teacher, can read the story to the whole class while students follow along. The Level 2 Teacher Edition includes embedded scripts with questions and tips for establishing and extending meaning. Each page is double-sided so that teachers can easily read the story and questions to students while they follow along and look at the full-color illustrations on the other side.

Teacher Edition: Spanish. Level 2. 12 x 9 inches. Spiral-bound, 35 pages.
SKU: 1B6864
ISBN: 978-0-7560-6555-3


Buy the Set and Save! Set includes one Teacher Edition and 10 Student Readers.

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Rachel Emery

About the Author
Rachel Emery is an author of language-learner literature with 10 years of experience teaching Spanish to earnest, empathetic, and slightly goofy middle schoolers. She has a Master's in Foreign Language Teaching and has spent time in Madrid and San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. She is passionate about providing learners with engaging, easy to understand stories in Spanish that help build intercultural skills.