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Itipurú y el monstruo del océano - Level 1 - Spanish

Itipurú y el monstruo del océano - Level 1 - Spanish

Margarita Pérez García

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By: Margarita Pérez García

Itipurú y el monstruo del océano combines elements about New Zealand’s nature and endangered animals with elements of Maori mythology. It is a fantasy tale with a universal message about bravery in the face of seemingly impossible challenges, sacrifice for loved ones and faith. Itipurú is the smallest chick in a blue penguin colony in New Zealand and he cannot swim. He is still molting and has baby feathers. When an earthquake shatters the island, Itipurú is separated from his family. He must reach the new colony to survive, but will he make it with a vicious sea monster between him and his family?

Themes: family, perseverance, self-assurance and confidence in one’s abilities, selflessness, faith, Maori mythology, little blue penguins

Level 1, written in the present tense with only 80 word families + 55 cognates

©2018. Spanish. Level 1. High school. 6 x 9 inches. Softcover, 78 pages.

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ISBN: 978-0-9951-2153-9

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Margarita Pérez García

About the Author
Margarita Pérez García is a Venezuelan author of easy-to-read literature in Spanish for beginning language learners. Margarita holds two master’s degrees in Spanish language and Spanish and Latin American literature. With 30 years of experience as a Spanish and French teacher, Margarita writes high-interest stories about Venezuela’s natural beauty and diverse wildlife, natural disasters, and the human impact on the environment, combining conservation themes with myths and legends of Indigenous cultures. Margarita specializes in supporting struggling readers and learners with reading difficulties and has become a leading author of easy-to-read literature. You can find her on Instagram @mrsperezgarcia and on her website at