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La planète grise - Level 1 - French

La planète grise - Level 1 - French

Cécile Lainé

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By: Cécile Lainé

Téa and her big sister Issa live in a hostile desert. Not only is it hard to find water, but the Racas, a ruthless group of bandits, are also roaming the desert in search of this precious liquid. Several years ago, the Racas kidnapped the girls' mother because she has a special power: the ability to sense water. Téa, determined to find her mother, embarks on an adventure full of dangerous twists and turns. This graphic novel is 20 pages long, with only 100 headwords and lots of cognates. Though the language is fairly simple, the story is remarkably complex and engaging, and supported by beautiful illustrations. An ideal book for Novice learners.

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Themes: sisterhood, the environment, family, perseverance, empowerment, magic

©2022. French. Level 1. High school. 7x10 inches. Softcover, 41 pages.

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ISBN: 978-1-7341-6865-5

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Cécile Lainé

About the Author
Cécile Lainé is an accomplished French teacher dedicated to growing alongside her students. With extensive experience across various educational settings, Elementary, Middle School, High School, and Adults, Cécile is passionate about teaching for proficiency and intercultural competence through storytelling and comprehension-based strategies. She has authored several language-learner books and co-writes a monthly publication, Le Petit Journal Francophone, offering learners accessible news from the Francophone world. Outside of the classroom, she is deeply committed to supporting her fellow World Language teachers in their journey, locally and nationally. You can collaborate with Cécile on IG and FB at @Towardproficiency or via her website,