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Las mariposas vienen de visita - Level 1&2 - Spanish

Las mariposas vienen de visita - Level 1&2 - Spanish

Rachel Emery

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By: Rachel Emery

Every fall, millions of monarch butterflies fly south, usually arriving in the area of Michoacán in time for Día de Muertos. This year, María Elena and her grandmother don’t see the monarchs as they prepare for the Día de Muertos celebrations. Will the monarchs arrive on time, and will María Elena’s parents ever return from the north, as well?

Las mariposas vienen de visita Student Reader targets important themes and cultural elements, including Day of the Dead, the environment, family structure, and immigration.  It includes full-color illustrations and a glossary.

Level 1. Unique words: 86. Glossary: Yes. Tense: Presente

Level 2. Unique words: 121. Glossary: Yes. Tenses: Presente del indicativo, presente del subjuntivo, presente progresivo, imperfecto, imperativo, pretérito, pretérito perfecto, futuro

5 x 7 inches. Softcover, 24 pages.

Las mariposas vienen de visita Teacher Edition is a “storytelling” reader set up so that you, the teacher, can read the story to the whole class while students follow along. The Teacher Edition includes embedded scripts with questions and tips for establishing and extending meaning.  Each page is double-sided so that teachers can easily read the story and questions to students while they follow along and look at the full-color illustrations on the other side. 

12 x 9 inches. Spiral-bound, 27 pages.


Watch as Ms. Hartley demonstrates using Las mariposas vienen de visita with her students!

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