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Léo et Anton - Level 1 - French

Léo et Anton - Level 1 - French

Theresa Marrama

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By: Theresa Marrama

A Cat and a Mouse Form an Unexpected Friendship

Anton is a mouse that isn’t afraid of cats. Anton’s fearlessness could get him into trouble, or it could help him find friends! Our differences may set us apart from others, but sometimes they can also bring us together. Anton finds the perfect complement in Léo!

Level 1
Unique Words: 130
Total Words: 2,150
Tense(s): present
Glossary: yes

©2019. French. Level 1. 5 x 8 inches. Softcover, 46 pages.

SKU: 1B6874
ISBN: 978-1-7339-5784-7

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Theresa Marrama

About the Author
Theresa Marrama has been teaching French to both middle and high school students since 2007. She currently lives in Northern New York. Since the age of 15, she has had a passion for language and culture. This passion has only continued to grow since she has stepped into the classroom! She specializes in writing Comprehensible Input titles in French and Spanish and also has books available in German as well. She believes in the power of reading and wants students to be completely engaged and empowered to learn through reading about cultures, life lessons, choices, and more. Click here to visit Theresa's website.