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Nico el ñeque - Elementary - Spanish

Nico el ñeque - Elementary - Spanish

Emily Meador

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By: Emily Meador

Nico is a young Panamanian ñeque with a big appetite for black palm seeds. Just as he is about to sink his teeth into one of these treats, a menacing creature appears on the scene. Nico quickly scampers away and buries his seed for safekeeping, but over time he forgets exactly where. Join Nico as he retraces his steps - walking, jumping, and running through the jungle. Will he be able to find his treasured seed, or does an even more delightful surprise await?

Level: For pre-k to 3rd grade students, who are Novice Low to Novice Mid
Word Count:
Glossary: yes

©2023. Spanish. Elementary. 8.5 x 11 inches. Softcover, 72 pages.

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ISBN: 978-0-7560-6838-7

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Emily Meador

About the Author
Emily Meador has been an elementary Spanish teacher in Austin, Texas, for the last 11 years. She has lived in Quito, Ecuador, and Nogales, Mexico, and travels to Spanish-speaking countries with her daughters as often as she possibly can! Emily and her students find that reading comprehensible novels is one of the most engaging and fun ways to acquire Spanish. Emily especially appreciates how novels can provide young learners with the opportunity to relax their bodies and listen attentively, while at other times novels can allow for students to learn through games, song, and movement. She hopes other teachers and students will have a memorable learning experience with her first novel, Nico el ñeque.

Customer Reviews

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Lorena @ Voces
Captivating Story to Keep Young Learners Super Engaged

My son is in 3rd grade in Argentina and he loves reading books. He really enjoyed this story and didn't stop reading it until the end. He loves "Capivaras" as he saw them at a National park here and he was fascinated by Nico's adventure. I'm sure that your students will also enjoy this amazing story and they will engage with the language in such a natural way.

Nico in the Jungle

In this book readers journey into the vibrant world of the Panamanian jungle alongside a young ñeque named Nico. With an appetite for black palm seeds, Nico's quest takes an unexpected turn when a formidable creature interrupts his snack time. As Nico races to safety and hastily buries his precious treat, the stage is set for a journey of discovery and bravery. Through vivid imagery and engaging storytelling, readers accompany Nico as he searches for his black palm seed, recalling his steps in pursuit of his buried treasure. With each leap and bound, Nico encounters an array of delightful surprises, leading to a heartwarming conclusion that reminds us of the joy found in unexpected moments. "Nico's Adventure" is a charming tale that not only entertains but also introduces Spanish students to the wonders of the natural world while encouraging perseverance and curiosity. There are many fun classroom activities that would go well with this reader, as well as cross curricular connections to science. Lots to enjoy!