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Perdidos en la traducción - Level 1 - Spanish

Perdidos en la traducción - Level 1 - Spanish

Bryan Kandel

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By: Bryan Kandel

Amy does not understand why she needs to study Spanish. She lives in Ohio, where everyone she knows speaks English. She does not pay attention in her Spanish class, never does her homework, copies tests from other classmates, and uses her cell phone to translate.

Samuel does not understand why he needs to learn English. He lives in Mexico, and plans to spend the rest of his life playing soccer in Spain. His daydreams distract him from English class every day. Why would he need to know another language?

An unexpected encounter in an airport changes the perspectives of Amy and Samuel. Suddenly, they both see a reason to speak a different language but lack the necessary skills. Can they rely on new technology to express their true feelings, or will their future be forever lost in translation?

This lighthearted and fun novel of only 5,000 words is great for beginning Spanish students and engaging to all Spanish readers.

Level 1
Total Words: 5,000
Tense(s): multiple
Glossary: yes

©2020. Spanish. Level 1. High school. 5 x 8 inches. Softcover, 62 pages.

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ISBN: 978-0-7560-6673-4

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Bryan Kandel

About the Author
Bryan Kandel has been teaching languages for over 19 years and currently teaches high school Spanish in Canton, Ohio. He presents professional development workshops on Comprehensible Input techniques, the importance of strong classroom culture, successful world language AP® courses, reading strategies, and many other topics. He has seen the power of reading as a tool to improve proficiency, and constantly aims to increase reading engagement with his students. Click here to visit Bryan's website.