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Pesas - Level 1 - Spanish

Pesas - Level 1 - Spanish

Jennifer Degenhardt

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By: Jennifer Degenhardt

Sofía has been training hard for a long time for an important competition coming up in a few months: the Special Olympics. Sofía is a weightlifter who spends three days a week (her favorite days!) training to compete in the events of squats, bench presses, and deadlifts. She likes it because she’s good at it, but even more so, she loves going to the gym to spend time with all of her friends there.

Yet one day, the easy lifting vibe in the gym is upset with the arrival of a new girl, Bleu. Bleu is definitely strong, which is great for fending off the bullies she has to deal with, but along with her brightly colored hair, she’s also sporting an enormous attitude - one that gets in her way of her moving forward on so many levels, and one that is a potential problem for the folks at the gym.

Will the weight of the new dynamic at the gym affect Sofía’s progress?
Will Bleu be able to lift herself out of her troubles?

Novice Level
Total Words: 5,200
Unique Words: Fewer than 200
Tense(s): present
Glossary: yes

©2021. Spanish. Novice Level. High school. 5 x 8 inches. Softcover, 91 pages.

SKU: 8B3008
ISBN: 978-1-7362-4388-6

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Jennifer Degenhardt

About the Author
Jennifer Degenhardt taught middle and high school Spanish for more than 24 years and is currently teaching college-level students. She began writing when her high school students were not succeeding with traditional textbook lessons. Jennifer's books highlight cultural, social, economic, and political themes and inspire reflection and conversation, both in- and outside of the classroom. All of Jennifer's books deal with identity to some degree and how important it is for one to know who one is. Click here to visit Jen's website.

Customer Reviews

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Strength in Diversity

In this novel, readers are introduced to Sofía, a determined weightlifter preparing for the Special Olympics, where her passion for lifting weights intertwines with her love for her friends and community at the gym. However, Sofía's routine is disrupted when a formidable newcomer, Bleu, enters the scene with a larger-than-life attitude. As tensions rise and dynamics shift, Sofía finds herself grappling with the impact of Bleu's presence on her training and her friendships. Through accessible Spanish, this engaging narrative explores themes of resilience, friendship, and the power of embracing diversity. Middle school and high school students will identify with the real struggles the characters face in this engaging read!